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CakePHP & Load Balanced Server

Please note when using CakePHP and a load balanced server (multiple server & a database server), use the database way of saving sessions.
Less likely to play up session wise.


A video of me and a friend of mine doing the Commonwealth Games track at Lysterfield

CakePHP Learnings

CakePHP is great, I can’t imagine creating another web application without it or something similar to it. It’s just that sometimes you’ll think “This is how I’d do it normally… But with cake… mmmm.. maybe like this?”. Then if that didn’t work, you’re stuck.
Using the Auth component and trying to create a user account from another Controller that is NOT the “user” controller will lead to weird password hashing. In my experience.
If you want to create files in a certain folder in webroot, most of the time you just need to type in “foldername/file.txt” and not the full path. ie “pdf/stats.pdf” and not “/home/user/htdocs/app/webroot/pdf/stats.pdf”
No matter how many times i’ve used a HABTM relationship before, it still gives me a headache.  Sometimes I feel that sticking to two BelongsToMany relationships would be much easier.

Bike Brake Failure

Today on my way to my Sunday morning ride along beach road, i discovered that my front brakes were malfunctioning and was favouring one side, not to mention the fact that it didn’t release it’s grip on the tyre. I road home a sad puppy with only 5km done for the day.

Heat Wave

So hot… 30 degrees and we (mother and I) rode home from the city. Mother did not make it as it was really quite hot. The heat didn’t bother me as much but I could tell that I cannot travel as fast as I normally would had it been cooler.
Long story short, warm is water is not pleasant.

My Mighty Mugg Hunt

So it seems that my Mighty Mugg hunt has come to a complete standstill. All the stores that I frequent that sell Mighty Muggs sell that bad ones and do not seem to be getting any new stock soon. I really do not want to have to resort to ebay as I have a love-hate relationship with it. Alas, I will not rest till my collection is complete.
Long story short, I need more toys.

Sunday Bike Ride #1

I have returned from my sunday bike ride with my Uncles James and Rainier, along with some of their friends. There was 6 of us in the group including myself.
Waking up at 6.20 in the morning is difficult, my uncle, Rainier, even called me at that time. Still couldn’t do it, so I woke up at 6.30. Our meeting point was at the intersection of South Rd and Beach Rd and our ETA from that point was 7.00. Our destination, Mordialloc Pier.
Apon departure of my home to get to the meeting point, I realised a mistake I had made. It was cold, even colder travelling on the bike. I was frantically searching for mail boxes containing the precious and rare junk mail. I had to ride  quite a bit of distance before I acquired said precious documents, but I did and I shoved it up under my jersey. It made me quite warm and the bike breeze bareable.

Carlo the Handy Man

I have a toy shelf. Did it using a stud finder, drill, and a screwdriver. Couldn’t find the level so the shelf IS crooked.

Greased Lightbox

Project: Double Meta Refresh Update

I have now implemented a CSV type upload feature for the double meta refresh project that I have happenning. It’s going along pretty well, I haven’t encoutered any problems yet, except for a limitation with the CakePHP framework where a $model->saveAll() wont’ work on a HABTM relationship. But it doesn’t matter.
I’m thinking of opening it up for beta testing in the near future, but if someone wants access now, just drop in a comment and register to the site and I should be able to give you access.
The task I am trying to accomplish now is to implement the groups for urls. This feature is to replace the per link country redirection to a group based country redirection. So if you have a whole batch of links that you uploaded via CSV, you wouldn’t have to edit each link so that only the US ips get through. You would just edit the group. Saves you lots of time.


So while I was doing my normal bike route yesterday my legs started cramping up like crazy. At first it wasn’t anything painful, so I just got off the bike drank some water and stretched the calves a little bit. Apon jumping onto the bike everything was feeling all good and peachy until 10 mins later when I had to stop because of cramps. It wasn’t a flat out “OMG CRAMPIIIINNNG” type feeling, it was more of a “oh, that was a weird fee- oh there it is again, why is my calf getting pangs of pain?”.