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「I saw your profile on Github.」という怪しいメールが届いたと思ったらウェブサービスへの招待だった


Subject: Rss reader - github

Hi Masahiro,

My name is Anuj Agarwal. I saw your profile on Github.
I am working on a rss reader project for a while and i have just
completed the first fully working version.
I'd like to invite you to have a look. Do you mind if i share the demo
with you.


Born developer


というのも、そもそも何で僕なのかがわからない。「Githubのプロフィールを見た」以外に、何も言ってない。相手の素性もまったくわからない。Born developerて何?



[Wordpress] 便利なプラグイン

最近使って便利だったプラグインをメモ。 WordPress › Custom Post Type Permalinks « WordPress Plugins カスタム投稿タイプのパーマリンクをカスタマイズ可能 WordPress › Duplicate Post « WordPress Plugins 記事を複製できる ...

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Happiness Bar

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My First Experiences with Kinect for Windows - @KinectWindows

I recently had the pleasure of some free time recently – with three kids this does not come often – so I decided to finally plug my Kinect into my PC.  I find it kind of funny how long it actually took for this to happen.  Over a year ago I finally joined the real world and made the decision to finally make a new console gaming purchase.

Like everyone, I had to choose between the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Each of course has their pros and cons.  But when it came down to it, I could develop for the Xbox and Kinect for free and this became the deciding decision factor.

So finally over a year later I finally plugged my Kinect into my PC’s USB port!


FDD演奏用にストロベリー・リナックスの「ダ・ヴィンチ32U」を2台使い、Moppy Advancedの上限16台での演奏ができるよう準備中だが、7・8台目のFDDが鳴らず、しばらく悩む。 Arduino Leonardoの回路図にあるピン名を参考にダ・ヴィンチ32Uのピン配置の確認でExcelで表をまとめていたが、何度見返しても間違いがないように考えていた。 たまたまIDE中のこのファイル↓にある「A0=D18」の記述を見つけ、凹む。 「arduino-1.0.3¥hardware¥arduino ...

Five Minutes with Lori McLeese

Every couple weeks, we’re sitting down with an Automattician to help you get to know the people who work behind the scenes to build new features, keep Automattic running, and make the best it can be. This week, we’re very pleased to introduce you to Ms. Lori McLeese. Everybody, meet Lori!
What’s your role at Automattic?
Lori McLeese



miyagawa’s podcast ep1 後半の文字起こしを公開しました

宮川達彦氏伊藤直也氏が対談するpodcast「Tatsuhiko Miyagawa's Podcast ep1」の後半を文字起こしを公開しました。
文字起こし内容は gist / akiyan / で見ることができます。


Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

This week in the Reader, we cheered on a man versus nature and versus himself, we revelled in a meditation on the sensuousness of hand-written vs. typed composition, and we laughed out loud at a hilarious transcript of a discussion topic that’s usually not quite so funny: religion. Here are just three of the posts that caught our attention this week.


で、その参照カウンタとして計上されるパターンは大きく2つ。alloc initして自分でオブジェクトを生成するか、retainするかのどっちか。copyした場合は別だよな・・・やべぇ確認しよう。

Foo *foo = [[Foo alloc]init];
Foo *foo2 = [foo retain];

で、仮にFooクラスにhogeっていうプロパティがあった場合、[foo2 release]って書いてもfoo2.hogeはリリースされない。メモリ空間が別物という扱いになるから。deallocを宣言してちゃんと解放していれば別だけど。これに最初困った。releaseしたらnullになるからぬるぽになるんじゃねって思ったけど、どうも違うらしい。そうやって空気を読むのはARCとGCだけっぽい。

New Theme: Responsive

Today, we’re bringing one of’s most popular themes to – Responsive!
Responsive: Home Template
Designed by Emil Uzelac, Responsive is clean, feature-rich, and you guessed it… completely responsive! With a Home page template that allows you to concentrate on specific content in a more traditional website layout, all while looking great across any device, this theme is well-suited to anyone hoping to start their website on

Two Cities, Two Launches: A Pair of Sites Built on Enterprise

Some say there’s no greater rivalry than the one between the City by the Bay, San Francisco, and the one-and-only Big Apple, New York City. And considering both cities’ contributions to the industry of tech and big ideas, they’re right!
Two cities, two launches
Recently, both San Francisco and New York City launched initiatives to highlight their technology and startup communities — projects we’re proud to support. While both cities have their own thriving communities, they share one thing: their websites, Where the World Changes and We Are Made in NYare built on Enterprise.

Algunas notas para tener en cuenta en Test Unitarios

Evitar errores definiendo Fixtures con algunos tipos de camposPor alguna razón que ignoro, al definir los campos (var $fields) en fixtures con los tipos text, date o datetime (sospecho que también binary) es mejor no usar el array completo para definir todos los parámetros, sino únicamente poner el tipo de campo. De otro modo, CakePHP se empeña en crear una definición de tabla SQL que no es válida y el test falla. Al dejar que lo haga de manera automática va perfecto.Por ejemplo:

We use Trello.

It is said that anyone ever involved in setting up a process of managing software development had an idea of coming up with his own custom tool and workflow. Specifically in web software development.
We’ve all been there. We’ve gone through all existing tools and, this way or another, found our best shot. Heard of kanban? It’s as easy as 1–2–3 to tear it into pieces, take what fits, and call yourself agile. Daily inertia inside a busy software house hive has proved it all right.
In our line of business, we work on various projects simultaneously and have to stay ABC at all times, therefore well-optimized workflow is a must. It’s also a moral boost and sanity check for developers. Top-down and bottom-up — both have to meet.




Exploring the Reader: Find Your Fans and Follow Your Faves

When you become a part of, you’re actually getting two awesome services for the price of none: your blog plus your Reader, which brings every blog together in one easy-to-search place. Your blog is where your ideas come to life, and your Reader is where you connect with other WordPressers, our community hub. It’s the place to find bloggers who inspire you, teach you, tug your heartstrings, and make you laugh — and who just may be your next biggest fans.
When you log in to and go to the actual — as opposed to going directly to your blog — you’ll land in your Reader. It looks a little something like this — familiar?

Ajax CakePHP Contact Form

OK the past few posts have been dealing with Contact forms and howto create them with CakePHP along with file uploads. This post is going to be about howto create a contact form which works with Ajax using jQuery. Updates are coming thick and fast with the framework and this is using 2.3.0 and will be workable with the whole 2.x releases.

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