Hi all,

Just a quick post to help spread the word, cakePHP RC3 is finally here, and according to Nate's latest post at the bakery, this will be the final release candidate before they finalise the 1.2 version.

From reading through Nate's article, and the change set, It's clear that the team have worked tirelessly on iteration after iteration of performance improvements, to make the framework faster than ever before. By itself, the bootstrap process is over 10x faster than RC2, and basic requests for static content are now about 5x faster overall.

To celebrate the new release, Jeff and Nate have recorded a new episode of the live show which you can listen to here, and you can download the code from cake forge, or export it from the svn trunk.

Personally, I have just downloaded the new release and can't wait to give it a try, and a big thank you to the entire development team who make my job as a developer more enjoyable, more productive and ultimately more profitable by providing the essential tool the cakePHP has become.

Happy Baking and Thank You cakePHP