Eventful – Event Driven CakePHP Development

As promised i’ve created a repo for the event system i was working on.
It’s currently under heavy development, yet ready to use. I don’t think the interface will change much from here on out. The installation is similar to the DebugKit. Put the “eventful” plugin into your plugins folder and add the Behavior or Component to your app. This will include all dependencies and the system is ready to use.
Only one thing is different from regular plugins. There is a seperate “events” folder which is a empty layout for the system and the place for your event listener classes.
The System is also plugin aware. If you want to enrich your base application with event handlers from plugins just copy the “events” folder layout into the plugin directory and prefix the class filenames with the plugin name. (just like app_controller).
# /app/plugins/pizza/events/controller/pizza_users_controller_events.php
class PizzaUsersControllerEvents extends AppControllerEvents {
// your event handlers

I’ve created a (messy) README which goes on about how to use it, but basicly the workflow is:

  1. add the component/behavior,
  2. use the dispatch/dispatchEvent method in your actions/methods,
  3. create or modify the event listener class and add a matching “on” method. 
  4. go nuts.

// step 1
class UsersController extends AppController {
 var $components = array('Eventful.Event');

// step 2
class UsersController extends AppController {
  var $components = array('Eventful.Event');

function logout() {
// send a event called "UserLogout"
$this->Event->dispatch('UserLogout', array(
'auth' => $this->Auth->user()

// step 3
// File: /app/events/controller/users_controller_events.php
class UsersControllerEvents extends AppControllerEvents {

// do something on "UserLogout";
function onUserLogout() {
$this->log('User logged out...');
Unlike the original implementation the current triggers all handlers of the same name. So if you have a “UserLogout” event fired from UsersController::logout() action the dispatchEvent() method will trigger all possible candidates. Regardless in which listener class (f.e. UnrelatedControllerEvents) the event handler is defined. So in addition to the above. the following is executed too:
class MembersControllerEvents extends AppControllerEvents {

// do something on "UserLogout"
  function onUserLogout($event) { // import $event data from call param
    if ($event->auth['isMember'])
    $this->log('Member '.$event->auth['name'].' logged out...');
Enjoy! You can find it on github: