Cake Nibbles #3

This will be a short edition of Cake Nibbles, and I suppose, a bit of a Christmas special.
CakePHP RC4 Released
First up, and the reason for this short, but special edition, is that last nights announcement of release candidate 4. Even though RC3 was announced as being the last RC before a stable version of CakePHP 1.2, it seems that this new release is actually the last RC. I’ve mentioned this before, but I really wish that the core team would adhere more to the “release often, release early” principle. I really don’t see how Cake could become any more stable, and unfortunately don’t think we have any chance of seeing a final stable release by Christmas. But I am encouraged by Nate’s promise of a final release “very soon” after this release. We shall see…
James Fairhurst continues to impress. He just announced and released another fun application built with Cake.
CakeBattles is an online application that allows Contenders to be pitted against each and allows users to vote on who/what would win. Each Contender can be assigned to multiple Tags which are used to create battles with similar Contenders. Each Contender can also have multiple images and these are displayed at random to keep the battles fresh.
I wish I could just write a fun little app, But instead I find myself drawn to very large and complex apps, that I never seem to get finished. Fun to do, but all a little pointless if they never get finished. So hats off to James.
And that’s about it for now. All that remains for me to do now, is to wish and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have a good one!