My choice of fieldname for CakePHP's form helper is not working properly, why?

I'm creating an AJAX form. The problem is when I'm trying to create a input form with formhelper, my input's name attribute is not correctly renedered in the view. Here's my code:

$form->input('MainAttribute.'.$i.'.SubAttribute.'.$j.'.score', array('label' => '', 'options' => $scores));

I created it that way because I want SubAttribute to be inside MainAttribute. When I inspect the HTML, the name attribute of the form is cutted of like:


How can I specify the name attribute to the one that I'm planning on doing?
(e.g. data[MainAttribute][0][SubAttribute][0][score])


Here are my model relationships:

Control hasMany MainAttribute

MainAttribute hasMany SubAttribute

The ctp is in a view of the Control Controller