Hundred Pushups

Have you heard of Hundred Pushups? It's a simple six-week program to build up your strength by slowly increasing the number of pushups you can complete. By the end of six weeks, you should be able to complete 100 and along the way you've gotten a short workout working multiple muscle groups.
Since I'm still trying to lose weight, I figured I'd get started on the program (yesterday was my first day and managed to do 12 pushups at the end of my first set). However, being the geek that I am, I thought, "I should track my progress with a cool iPhone app." There is one available for $1.99 from the Hundred Pushups web site. There is a free web site that can be used to log your progress, too.
I checked out the web application and realized that all it did was track the results of your final set over the course of the six week plan, with the ability to add a comment. Very straightforward. But I want an iPhone app and suddenly inspiration struck...
Drop and give me two hours
Last night, I took the challenge to try and put together this application within two hours. Mission accomplished. Almost.
Check out on your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch.
At 11pm last night, I grabbed a copy of jQTouch and started working out the interface. The documentation needs a little work (need some help, David?) but I managed to figure it out. I used localStorage to store the results. You can save the site to your home page where it'll run as a fullscreen application.
Of course, there's always room for improvement. Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 10.50 has support for localStorage, too, so there's no reason why this can't be adjusted slightly to allow the application to work in desktop browsers, too. I also haven't tested this yet in WebOS or Android and I'd be intrigued to know how well it works.
Some of the interface needs refining, too. I'm using JavaScript-based confirm statements to prevent accidental deletion (like swiping over an entry) but a more iPhone-like experience would be preferred.
If you haven't already, what are you waiting for? Head over to