CakePHP: Missing database table

I have a CakePHP application that is running fine locally. I uploaded it to a production server and the first page that uses a database connection gives the "Missing Database Table" error. When I look at the controller dump, it's complaining about the first table.

I've tried a variety of things to fix this problem, with no luck:

  • I've confirmed that at the command line I can login with the given MySQL credentials in database.php
  • I've confirmed this table exists
  • I've tried using the MySQL root credentials (temporarily) to see if the problem lies with permissions of the user. The same error appeared.
  • My debug level is currently set to 3
  • I've deleted the entire contents of /app/tmp/cache
  • I've set 777 permissions on /app/tmp*
  • I've confirmed that I can run DESCRIBE commands at the commant line MySQL when logged in with the MySQL credentials used by by the application
  • I've verified that the CakePHP log file only contains the error I'm setting in the browser window.
  • I've tried all the suggestions I could find in similar postings on SO
  • I've Googled around and didn't find any other ideas

I think I've eliminating the obvious problems and my research isn't turning anything up. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Any ideas?