which cakephp relationship should be used for groups of users? can haveMany use array for foreign_ID?

In my tennis application, my 'match' table has two players (obviously). I've used player1_id and player2_id as a way to track the user ids. I haven't included a user_id foreign key though.

There is also a 'user' table where I want to pull player's names from.

Because 'match' has more than one user and users have more than one model, I'm wondering if the following model configuration will work:

I've setup the user model like this:

var $name = 'User';
var $hasMany = array(
'Match' => array(
'className' => 'Match',
'foreignKey' => array( 'player1_id', 'player2_id'),
'dependent' => true,

and the match model like this:

var $name = 'Match';
var $belongsTo = array(
'User' => array(
'className' => 'User',
'foreignKey' =>  'user_id',
'conditions' => '',

I need to display the user first/last name for each player where user_id = player1_id or player2_id. Will this work? Can a foreign key use an array? And can a model operation use an 'or' when searching?

Or is there a better way to structure a table (like a match, or could be a group meeting) with more than one user?