What framework would allow for the largest coverage of freelance developers in the media/digital marketing sector

This question is not about which is the best, it is about which makes the most business sense to use as a company's platform of choice for ongoing freelance development.

I'm currently trying to decide what framework to move my company in regarding frameworks for web application work.

Options are

  2. Django
  3. CakePHP/Symfony etc..
  4. Struts
  5. Pearl on Rails

Please feel free to add more to the discussion.

I currently work in ASP.NET MVC in my Spare time, and find it incredibly enjoyable to work with. It is my first experince with an MVC framework for the web, so I can't talk on the others.

The reason for not pushing this at the company is that I feel that there are not many developers in the Media/Marketing world who would work with this, so it may be hard to extend the team, or at least cost more.

I would like to move into learning and pushing Django, partly to learn python, partly to feel a bit cooler (all my geeky friends use Java/Python). Microsoft is the dark side to most company's I work with (Marketing/Media focused). But again I'm worried about developers in this sector.

PHP seems like the natural choice, but I'm scared by the sheer amount of possible frameworks, and also that the quality of developer may be lower. I know there are great php developers out there, but how many of them know multiple frameworks? Are they similar enough that anyone decent at php can pick them up?

Just put struts in the list as an option, but personally I live with a Java developer, and considering my experience with c#, I'm just not that interested in learning Java (selfish personal geeky reasons)

Final option was a joke