using cakephp, how do I display a series of data without using for each loops?

The application I'm building is a tennis draw, which has a list of matches organized by round. I've also given the matches a position number as a way to order them and manage matches that are at the top of the draw. In a 32 player draw there are 16 matches in the first round, with match positions ordered from 1 - 16.

The draw is laid out using html and isn't just a series of table rows, it has some complexity to it. So in order to display match players/scores in the view I need to place data in places that are out of sequence from a typical display using a series of rows.

How can I display 16 matches of data without using a foreach loop? Is it best for each variable in the controller be for a single record?

I had thought that in the controller I could have 16 variables, but I'd prefer to learn better dry approaches to programming as I learn php and cakephp.

Much appreciated.