cakephp, jquery, .ajax(), dataType: json

is it possible to be able to do without a view for a cakephp controller function? i am trying to have my server return a datatype that is not a string - but an array

my controller function :

    function test() {
      $this->layout = 'plain';
      $task['Numbers']['uno'] = 'mooo';
      $task['Numbers']['dos'] = 'says the cow';
      $result = json_encode($task);
      $this->set('result', $result);

my view file test.ctp

    echo $result;

my jquery:

    $('#test').live('click', test);

    function test() {

        var data = $('#form').serialize();

        type: "post",
        url: "/controller/test",
        data: data,
        dataType: 'json',
        success: function(response){    		


clicking on the html element marked test doesn't give me anything. however if i take out

dataType: 'json', 

and change




in my jquery - i get an alert: the json encoded data but as a string (

alert(typeof response);


does anyone have any idea what might be happening?