How to use OR Condition in Paginate function in Cakephp ??

Hi! I am facing a problem while fetching values using paginate function in cakephp. In the "to" field of message I have CSV fields of userid. To search messages for a single user. I am using the code below...

$this->set('message', $this->paginate('Message', array(
    'or'=> array(
        " LIKE" => "".$this->Session->read('').",",
        " LIKE" => ",".$this->Session->read('').","

But the query is formed in this manner which is not what I want.. I want to two conditions with OR condition.

SELECT `Message`.`id`, `Message`.`timestamp`, `Message`.`to`, `Message`.`from`,
       `Message`.`message`, `Message`.`subject`, `Message`.`urgent`, `Message`.`read`,
       `Message`.`tag`, `Message`.`open`, `Message`.`reply_id`, `User`.`id`,
       `User`.`fname`, `User`.`lname`, `User`.`user`, `User`.`password`,
       `User`.`photo`, `User`.`created`, `User`.`access`, `User`.`login`,
       `User`.`status`, `User`.`role`
FROM `messages` AS `Message`
LEFT JOIN `users` AS `User` ON (`Message`.`to` = `User`.`id`)
WHERE `Message`.`to` LIKE ',1,'
ORDER BY `Message`.`timestamp` desc