CakePHP Facebook plugin

Facebook CakePHP plugin created by nick on webtechnick. The purpose of this plugin is  provide a seamless way to connect your cakePHP app to Facebook. The goal for this plugin is to not only provide extremely useful dynamic features but to also provide a complete interface to the Facebook API. This plugin is specifically for CakePHP 1.3

facebook plugin CakePHP Facebook plugin

Feature List
  • Full featured authentication via Facebook Connect. Facebook Authentication will work with or without a user login system already in place on your site. Works seamlessly with your already built in user authentication system via AuthComponent -OR- Facebook Connect can work as your primary authentication system.
    • Setup is as easy as dropping Facebook.Connect into your components array.
  • Easily create dynamic and customizable Facebook content
    • Share (let your users share what they find on your site with their friends
    • Login/Logout (Facebook users can login and logout of your site with a single click.. no registration required)
    • Fan Boxes (Allow users to become facebook fans of your site)
    • Profile Pictures (Display a facebook profile picture)
    • Live Streams (Create dynamic live stream events)
    • Comments (Connect with your users by allowing them to comment on any part of your site through Facebook
  • Access to Facebook API anywhere in your app. Build custom content with direct access to the full Facebook API.
  • Everything is included. No need to download the Facebook API files or create Facebook specific files like xd_receiver.htm and the like. Everything is included in the plugin and will be maintained.

To get started you’ll first need to download and unpack the Facebook Plugin into your app/plugins/facebook directory. If you plan on using any features (except the share feature, which will work with no further configuration), you will need to get an api_key and secret from Facebook.

Requirements: CakePHP 1.3, PHP5+
Docs: CakePHP Facebook Plugin API