CakePHP, Setting a complex/multiple find condition for a multi select box.

I have a multi-select box named Manufacturer Name that is displaying correctly, even clickable for multi search. When I run the search I am not getting any results from my database using the complex find conditions I set. I've tried to use Complex-Find-Conditions from the bakery, and other various websites but no avail.

//This my index.ctp 
    <?=$form->create('ManufacturersProductsLine', array('action'=>'index'));?>
<?=$f->label('ManufacturersProductsLine.manufacturer_id', 'Manufacturer Name:'); ?> <?=$f->select('ManufacturersProductsLine.manufacturer_id', $manufacturers, null, array('multiple'=>'multiple', 'style'=>'height:100px;'))?> <?=$f->label('', 'Product Name:'); ?> <?=$f->text('', array('style'=>'width:140px;'));?>

Commented out is things I have tried in my controller for setting the multiple find conditions.

//This is my manufacturers_products_lines_controller.php
function index() {
    $conditions = array();
    if (!empty($this->data)) {
        $data = $this->data;

        $conditions[] = "(LOWER(ManufacturersProductsLine.manufacturer_id) LIKE '%{$data['ManufacturersProductsLine']['manufacturer_id']}%')";
        //$conditions = array("" => array("Akuret", "Bridgestone", "American Radials") );

    $this->Manufacturer->recursive = 1;
    $this->set('manufacturersproductslines', $manufacturersproductslines = $this->paginate('ManufacturersProductsLine', $conditions));
    $Manufacturer = getModel('Manufacturer');
    $this->set('manufacturers', $Manufacturer->find('list'));
    //$this->ManufacturersProductsLine->recursive = 0;
    //$this->Post->find('all', array('conditions' => array('ManufacturersProductsLine.manufacturer_id' =>array(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13))));


When I debug and search I am getting the following.


[ManufacturersProductsLine] => Array
[manufacturer_id] => Array
[0] => 1
[1] => 2

        [name] =>