Named arguments vs cakephp sessions

Trying to capture named arguments and store them into a session in CakePHP was returning some unexpected results when I subsequently printed the session data.
My code simplified is as follows:

if( !empty($this->data)){
$params = $this->Session->read('Media.params');
} else {
$named = $this->params['named'];

If i feed it a url as such
I would expect the pr($params) to return an array as such:


Except it was only returning:


Funny eh?
After a bit of fiddling, I managed to get it to work by adding an additional slash as such:
which gave me the full named argument array.
For more about Sessions in CakePHP, visit
There are a few issues affecting this still, specifically if i add a namedArg to the end of a
$html->link() .
I have compensated for that as follows:
echo $html->link(__('Upload Media', true), array('controller'=> 'media', 'action'=>'upload','/article_id:'.$article['Article']['id']."/ "));
Note hacky ."/ "
When i establish whats up, I’ll post a reply here. If you know more than me, please leave a comment below.
Follow up:
The correct way to do this would be:
echo $html->link(__('Upload Media', true), array('controller'=> 'media', 'action'=>'upload','article_id:'=>$article['Article']['id']));
(thanks jon)