Cakephp: Abstracting AppController another level, possible?

Hi All,
I was wondering if it's somehow possible to add another abstraction controller between AppController and my app's other controllers?

So that my controllers, e.g. UsersController extends SecureController
and SecureController extends AppController.

Also I want to be able to have other controllers extend AppController directly:
SomeNonSecureController extends AppController.

this is because my current AppController has all sorts of Auth and ACL stuff in its beforeFilter, but i also have controllers that don't need that security stuff (before everything needed the security, no new specs have been added)..
but because some many controllers do need it, it doesn't make sense to copy-paste the code to all needy controllers.

I was thinking to but all the beforeFilter security stuff into a SecureController - that way any controllers that need security simpley extend it, while others inherit from AppController directly.

How would you go on about doing something like this?

Thanks in advance,