CakePHP password field is empty


I am implementing an authentication component,
This is my registration page

create('User',array('action' => 'login'));
    echo $form->input('primary_email',array('size'=> 32));
    echo $form->input('password',array('label' => 'Password'));
    echo $form->input('remember_me',array('label' => 'Remember Me','type'=>'checkbox','checked' => 'false'));
    echo $html->link('Forgot Password','/users/forgot/');
    echo $form->end('Login'); 

    // Javascripts
    echo $javascript->link('jquery',false);
    //echo $javascript->link('jquery.validate.js',false);
    //echo $javascript->codeBlock($code, array('inline' => false)); 


When I print the contents of $this->data the password field turns up empty.
How can I resolve this?

When I rename password to password2 or something else it works !!! Strange