Cakephp Shell Cronjob Controller Action Media Temple Server

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a cron job that will send a weekly newsletter. I tried creating a shell task following what Cakephp manual says. Then I go to the Media Temple Cron jobs and type in the following:

php /home/#####/domains/ -app /home//#####//domains/ newsletter

I created the shell task on vendors/shell folder and named it newsletter.php and here's the code for it:

class NewsletterShell extends Shell {

    function main() {

	$this->sendEmailTo("Newsletter","subject","[email protected]");


The sendEmailTo is a controller function I have in my appController so all my controller have access to it.

My problem is every time the Cron Job runs I get this message:

Could not open input file: /home/#####/domains/

I even gave all the console files (cake.php , cake.bat etc) 0777 read write properties as well as for the vendors/shell/newsletter.php

The ##### are the site number that media temple gives you but I'm not really sure I have it correct. They show an example of a cron job like this: /home/50838/data/

So my questions are:

Is my cake shell task correct and is the way I'm running it as a cron job accurate?

Also does anyone know where to confirm my media temple site number so I can write that off as a possible error.

Thanks in advance,