301 Redirects on old content with new cakephp site

I am updating an old asp site to cakephp - the old site has various listings on google based on the old "filename.asp" urls - I'd like to put Redirect 301s in the htaccess file to try and hang on to those search results (most of the pages have a complementing page on the new site), but something appears to be going wrong. htaccess as follows (excluding standard cake stuff). What am I doing wrong?

Redirect 301 contact.asp /contact    
Redirect 301 portfolio.asp /portfolio-design-web    
Redirect 301 webhosting.asp /

I've tried with the htaccess in the root directory, and webroot but it should just work wherever, no?


fixed it using mod_rewrite, following rules inside .htaccess on webroot work:

RewriteRule ^contact.asp$ /contactos/ [R=301,L]