New Version: Cupcake 1.4 + i18n/l10n Support!

My awesome forum plugin now comes bundled with localization support. It comes packaged with German and Spanish for the time being. If you would like to translate it into other languages, send me an email!Installation
You must run the upgrade_to_1.4.sql file if you want locale support.Demo
You can test the German/Spanish on these forums :]Cupcake Forum Plugin v1.4

  • Turned the config class into a singleton
  • Fixed a problem where _autoLogin() was failing so the persistent login was not working
  • Added a getLocales() and gravatar() method to the Cupcake Helper
  • Gravatar can now be used for avatars and can be toggled within settings
  • Integration of i18n/l10n support throughout the whole application
  • - German language supported (Translated by Andrew Mortensen)
  • - Spanish language supported (Translated by Walter Benavides)