5 CakePHP based Content Managament System

CakePHP is great rapid development php framework. CakePHP allows you to create applications with ease. But in case you CakePHP lover need to create simple sites or applcations, maybe you considering to use one of the CakePHP based CMS than developed yourself from scratch.

So, here is list of some CakePHP based Content Management System. If I miss somethink here let me know by drop comments.


wildflower 5 CakePHP based Content Managament System

Wildflower is Content management system and application platform build on CakePHP framework and jQuery Javascript library, standards based, open source and user friendly.

  • Comments fully working with Akismet spam check.
  • More Post and Comment models unit tests.
  • Includes latest CakePHP – r7117.
  • Pages include a working preview of the content revision system.
  • Tons of enhancements and bugfixes.

OvenCMS is an open source CMS, built on the CakePHP framework and jQuery Javascript library. OvenCMS is fully modularized and has a lot of working plugins (modules).


Croogo is a CakePHP powered Content Management System.

croogo 600x394 5 CakePHP based Content Managament System


License:MIT License

CupCake CMS
cupcake 5 CakePHP based Content Managament System

CupCake CMS is an Open Source Content Management System built using CakePHP. Its purpose is to provide web designers a simple and easy to deploy tool to manage content in small and medium sized websites, all without programming a single line of code.Through its easy interface and WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor), content can be created and updated by authorized users without the need of having to learn HTML.

For those who are familiar with other open source CMS applications, CupCake CMS is a lightweight and design-oriented content management system, meant for quick deployment of sites.

Lumad CMS

Lumad CMS is an open source content management platform, meant for providing designers with a quick, simple interface to manage small websites. It’s not a community-driven CMS like Drupal, nor is it a workflow-driven, enterprise CMS like Typo3.