CakePHP Social Networking Plugin

We started working on Socnet plugin that will allow your cake apps to be easily integrated with most social network sites. For now, we coded and released FacebookAuth component, which will allows to specify which actions require facebook authentication and redirects to facebook for authentication.
To add FacebookAuth component to your project, please do the following:
1. Download the plugin code from and extract all the code into plugins/socnet.
2. Create an application with Facebook at Set your Connect URL to /socnet/facebook/connect.
3. Add the following configuration paramters (Configure::write):
Socnet.Facebook.enabled[0,1] - a flag to disable/enable Facebook support
Socnet.Facebook.api_key - application key (from Facebook)
Socnet.Facebook.app_secret - application secret (from Facebook)
Controller Requirements
Load FacebookAuth component where needed and specify actions that require facebook authentication:

class FacebookFriendsController extends AppControoler {
var $components = array('socnet.FacebookAuth');
var $helpers = array('socnet.Facebook');

function beforeFilter() {

function index() {
Layout Requirements
Facebook helper provides all the methods needed to setup Facebook in your layout.
# Use <?php echo $facebook->htmlTag(); ?> to render the html tag. This function will setup all necessary namespaces.
# Include this line <?php echo $facebook->jsScript(); ?> somewhere in the body. This library is needed for rendering FBML scripts (ex. ).
# Add this line <?php echo $facebook->jsInit(); ?> before tag.
Please look at the sample layout file in views/layouts/facebook.ctp inside the provided plugin.
You can test the plugin integration by going to /socnet/facebook/friends. If everything is setup properly, you should get redirected to facebook for login and then see all your friends thumbs.
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