CakePHP Email component

This is quite a simple component that integrates PHPMailer with CakePHP. Save the following code to /app/controllers/components/email.php


App::import('Vendor', 'PhpMailer', array('file' => 'phpmailer' . DS . 'class.phpmailer.php'));

Depends on "unhtml"

class EmailComponent extends PHPMailer
// phpmailer
var $Mailer = 'sendmail'; // choose 'sendmail', 'mail', 'smtp'
var $unhtml_bin = '/usr/bin/unhtml';

// component
var $controller;

function startup( &$controller )
$this->controller = &$controller;

function renderBody($view)
// render the view and use its output to set the body text of the email
$this->Body = $this->controller->render('emails/' . $view, 'email');

// reset the output of the controller
$this->controller->output = '';

// create plain text version of the email
// create temporary files
$htmlfile = tempnam(TMP, 'htmlfile');
$textfile = tempnam(TMP, 'textfile');

// write html to temporary file
file_put_contents($htmlfile, $this->Body);

// convert the html file to plain text
$cmd = "cat $htmlfile | $this->unhtml_bin > $textfile";

// set the plain text body of the email
$this->AltBody = file_get_contents($textfile);

// remove temporary files


In addition to that, make sure phpmailer is installed in /app/vendors/phpmailer. I just extracted the phpmailer archive in /app/vendors/ and created a symlink:

$ tar xzf PHPMailer_v5.0.2.tar.gz
$ ln -s PHPMailer_v5.0.2 phpmailer

In your controller code, make sure the component is included by adding it to the components array:

var $components = array('Email');

In app/views/layouts, create a new layout called email.ctp. It should contain something like:

<?php echo $content_for_layout; ?>

Let’s send some emails!
In controller snippet, the renderBody(‘test’) call will create a html email from the view in app/views/users/emails/test.ctp. Additionally, a plain text version will be generated using ‘unhtml’. Unhtml has a package in the Ubuntu / Debian repository.
The action works just like rendering a normal view. The $this->Email object is just an instance of PHPMailer and all PHPMailers’ methods and properties apply.

function testmail()
// *Some notes*
// Email methods:
// Email properties:
// Email configuration is done in /app/controllers/components/email.php

$this->set(compact('some', 'vars'));

// the email content is just a (html) view in app/views/{controller}/emails/testmail.ctp

// subject
$this->Email->Subject = 'Test from';

// sender
$this->Email->SetFrom('[email protected]', 'Test');

// recipients
$this->Email->AddAddress('[email protected]', 'Joe');
$this->Email->AddAddress('[email protected]', 'Jane');

// send!