PHP Framwork that does Named URLs? (other than Zend Framework)

I really like the named URLs in the Django Framework, and was wondering which of the PHP Frameworks supported such a thing. (I believe Zend Framework does, but please exclude that from your answers, without explanation).

For instance, in Django I can name a path like "/items/###" as "item-detail-page", which would point to a View 'function' that accepts a product ID as a parameter.

Later, I could reference the address to the Item Detail Page by creating a link (via a helper function) to 'item-detail-page 123' or similar. That way, I can change my URL structure later, should I ever need to, without ever changing the references or links in my HTML templates.

Does such a thing already exist in CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc?

Django users: I know, this post does not contain the correct template syntax for the 'url' template tag. I was only trying to provide the general idea.

I suppose this question was a bit unnecessary, as it's obvious now that all of the popular frameworks support a type of routing that works more/less like Django's does. Therefore, I feel it a bit unfair to award a single best answer, except perhaps the one that appears to come closest to matching Django's style of link-generating, since I mentioned that specifically in my question (and therefore for the benefit of others seeking the same and finding this post).