Codaset Opens up its Beta to Everyone.

This is a reprint of an announcement made a few minutes ago at

I am very pleased to announce that Codaset has ended it's private beta phase, and is now open to all. The beta tag is still in place, so the site is effectively in public beta. This means that no invite is needed to register and create an account. Anyone can create projects, and anyone can take part in any activity on the site.

Along with this announcement, also brings with it a few bug fixes, and minor improvements. Nothing huge, but you should find that browsing the site in Safari is much improved, and several styling bugs have been fixed. I also added URL slugs to milestones, which means your Milestones look prettier and are more familiar to browse.

So I am hoping that with this announcement and release, we will start to see an increase in the number of registered users, and active users. And of course, Codaset is one step closer to a final release. So if there are any features you want to see in the final release; and if there is not already a ticket for it, please create one now. If there is a ticket already created for your requested feature, please vote it up. Voting for tickets is the best way for me to see what you want.

You can see Codaset's tickets at