CakePHP: jQuery styling of flash messages

CakePHP session flash messages is one of the most useful things for usability, and user notification. Trying to make it more fancy, I came to jQuery framework with its HighlightFade plugin.

Adding just a couple of lines, we can get nice effects, looking the same as Wordpress messages in Posting/Editing:

      var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); //I'm using Prototype as well, so we don't need conflicts
$j(document).ready(function() {
       if( $j("#flashMessage") ){ 
          $j("#flashMessage").highlightFade({color:'#24F273',speed:2000, iterator:'exponential'});

Thus, next time you will pass $this->Session->setFlash('Foo');, your flash message with default

<?php $session->flash();?>

will be used with above HighLight effect.