cakephp with oracle: no group by?


I'm trying to use the 'group' parameter for a find using CakePHP.

The dbms is oracle and to my surprise it didn't work (no group by in the query).


$this->User->find('all', array('group' => 'id'));

The query returned:

select * from users User where 1 = 1;

digging around the source code at the DboOracle::renderStatement() I found this:

return "SELECT {$fields} FROM {$table} {$alias} {$joins} {$conditions} {$order} {$limit}";

I was surprised not seeing a {$group}, so I look around and found out that some of the dbo_ files do actually have {$group} included in the query, for example dbo_source.php

return "SELECT {$fields} FROM {$table} {$alias} {$joins} {$conditions} {$group} {$order} {$limit}";

Does this mean that cake doesn't support group by statement on oracle? Or is there a workaround that I'm not aware of?