PHP Framework Decision - Analysis paralysis!

OK, sorry in advance for the length of this question!

I've spent ages reading about the pros and cons of all the major PHP Frameworks (i.e. Zend, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc., etc.). I've also read most of the questions and answers already posted in here about PHP Frameworks and I STILL can't make up my mind as to which one I should go with.
So I thought I'd ask you good people for your opinions based on my own background.

OK, I'm pretty new to developing PHP (background in ASP.NET originally) I've been hacking PHP since 2000, but never developed anything from scratch. But I'm looking to build a Web 2.0 style application with PHP which will run similar to Basecamp using a software as a service model eventually to make money from it.

I'm building this on my own as a personal side project outside of my 9-5 so my time is limited to weekends/nights.

I'm looking for a framework so I can standardize my development methods and all the other reasons one would want to use a framework and I've narrowed it down to:

  • Symfony
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter

My analysis tells me I've listed the frameworks above by the most complex down to the simplest. CodeIgniter might get me up and running quickly but doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Symfony. Symfony will take me longer to learn but ultimately might be the best choice in the long run - not to mention the excellent Askeet tutorial and the fact that Yahoo uses it for some of it's newer projects.

My problem now is making the decision. All the frameworks above are potential candidates. I'm not under a massive deadline to get this done (only my own expectations to meet!) but I do have limited time. Should I start out with CodeIgniter or dive straight in at the deep end with Symfony and take the extra time to learn a complex framework?