Railings: A full featured Ruby on Rails template

I've found myself creating a number of new Rails apps as of late, and found it very cumbersome to set each one up with my favoured list of gems and plugins. So I created my own Rails Template.
Rails templates are single ruby scripts which contain a few commands that help you setup any new Rails app in a snap. So you can specify a list of Gems to have installed and part of your environment.rb, and also install a bunch of plugins, amongst other things.
You should take a look at Pratik Naik's blog post for full details on what Rails templates can do.
So my default Rails template is called Railings, and is available now on Codaset. It is sure to grow by the day, but for now, this is what you get:

  • jQuery 1.3.2
  • Blueprint CSS Framework
  • Initializes as a Git repo and creates .gitignore
  • Creates staging environment
  • Creates application layout
  • A default database.yml, and a modified database.example.yml which is ued with the 'Wheres my database.yml dude?' rake task
  • Creates Vlad the Deployer deploy.rb config file
  • Time formats initializer
  • The following gems:
    • thoughtbot-factory_girl
    • rubyist-aasm
    • mislav-will_paginate
    • hpricot
    • RedCloth
    • emk-safe_erb
    • settingslogic
    • vlad
    • vlad-git
  • The following plugins setup as Git submodules:
    • limerick_rake
    • mile_marker
    • squirrel
    • rspec
    • rspec-rails
    • exception_notifier
    • monkey-magic
    • gravatar

So the next time you start a new rails app, run this command and you will have the world at your fingertips:

rails -m http://codaset.com/joelmoss/railings/source/master/raw/railings.rb /path/to/mynewapp