Cupcake forum, bulletin board system powered by CakePHP

The Cupcake Forum is a slimmed down version of the popular bulletin board system, packaged into a plugin. The plugin can be dropped into any CakePHP application and will run smoothly with a bit of configuration. The plugin comes bundled with all the basic features of a stand-alone system, some of which include topics, posts, users, polls, moderators, staff and more. For a full list, view the chapter regarding Features.

cupcake Cupcake forum, bulletin board system powered by CakePHP


Below you can find a detailed list containing most of the features within the plugin. To better understand each feature, you should download and install the plugin!


  • Forum wrappers and forum categories
  • First tier sub-forums
  • Activity and latest post tracking
  • Auto-Lock old topics
  • Enable/Disable post count increments
  • Individual settings for reading, posting, replying, etc
  • Access/Private specific forums
  • Create topics or polls
  • Reply to topics, or quote previous posts


  • Moderators, Super Moderators and Admin levels
  • Restrict moderators to specific forums
  • Inline moderation and management
  • Mass processing (Move, Delete, Close, etc)
  • Ability to edit and manage users content


  • Full admin panel using CakePHP admin routes
  • Requires the administration access level
  • Can add, edit, order, delete forums and categories
  • Manage all reported content
  • Promote, demote, create access levels, staff and moderators
  • Edit forum settings through the panel
  • Manage all aspects and content


  • Utilizes CakePHPs Auth and Security Components
  • Advanced flood protection (Posts and Topics)
  • Hourly post limitations
  • Registration security wall
  • Form protection against bots and hackers


  • BBCode support using the Decoda Helper
  • Mark topics as read (Session)
  • Log created topics and posts (Session)
  • Access level verification
  • Report system for topics, posts and users
  • Search through topics (Title and Post)
  • RSS feeds for each forum

Demo :
License : Free