Set the options for the Field of Type Radio button in Form Helper in Cakephp


I am using a Form helper in CakePHP. like

   echo $form->input('field', array(
    'type' => 'radio','legend'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],
  // 'after' => '--after--',
    // 'between' => '--between---',
    'separator' => '--separator--',
   'options' => array('1', '2') 

which generates me as

Gender --separator--

Is there any way to keep my options that i have received from my Database instead of 1,2

where i tried it with receving my options using

   <?php foreach ($viewfields as $r): ?>

alert(i.choice); alerts the options correctly ..

How to keep these options in the array() of the Form Helper so that to get these options male and female instead of default 1,2

Please suggest me..