Cupcake forum plugin, it's pretty delicious

If you have been following me on Twitter, you may of heard me mention a new CakePHP plugin I am developing, a forum plugin. Well I am officially announcing it as the Cupcake Forum Plugin. It is basically complete, but I would like to run a few more tests and perhaps get an "installer" type script. Alongside this announcement, I have uploaded the forum plugin onto this domain as a demo, and will be using it as a support forum for all my scripts. Click the screenshot of the forum to view the demo.
Cupcake isn't as robust as regular forum systems, that would be absurd. Instead it has all the necessary basic features for fully utilizing a forum. Some of those features include: users and profiles, topics, replying, sub-forums, read topics, flood protection, topic auto lock, hourly post and topic limitations, access levels and permissions, moderators, searching, locking mechanisms, sticky and important topic types, topic and post reporting and many more. Oh and that's not all, it also comes bundled with a built in administration panel where you can manage all aspects of the forum, instead of having to do it manually in the database.
I will be releasing the plugin sometime this week. If you have any suggestions for features, be sure to send me an email or reply to this entry. Looking forward to all your feedback on this, it took quite a while to develop!