The beginning

The start of something new; something cool and something (hopefully) refreshing. This is my first post in my Blog, and I suppose it should be the introduction to “The Meaning of Life, the Internet and Everything”.

So why call it that?
It pretty much covers everything that I want this Blog to be about. I also think it sounds pretty cool; long but cool. - hey, no-ones perfect. Mostly it will contain news, articles and info about the web; anything from Ajax to Hosting.

Who are you?
My name is Joel Moss and I am the CEO of HomepageUniverse, a well established hosting and internet services company located in Chorley, England. I have been active on the net and with computers for a good nine years or so now, and projects have come and gone, ideas have gestated and died, but HPU has always been there for me.

I am 29 (only just) and am happily married to Faith, with whom I have 3 gorgeous kids; Ashley (8), Elijah (2) and Eve (10 months). My life involves family and work and that suits me just fine, as I enjoy both.

So why are you publishing a blog?
Why the hell not? Everyone else is, and besides I thought it was high time I gave something back to the community at large and share with you all my knowledge, ideas and personality (watch out!).

So all I can say now, is watch out for lots of posts and enjoy!!