Rails love

Why is it that no matter how many times I decide to use something else and no matter how hard I try to stear away from Rails when developing a new app, I come across a really cool Rails feature or idiom that just blows me away. Today, DHH and pals just released the eagerly anticipated Ruby on Rails version 1.2 and it includes some extremely impressive updates.

Things like REST support, respond_to and lots of little things that make life easier for a programmer are all included. It all looks so cool and so easy to use.

So why don't I use Rails then? Because it would mean me having to learn Ruby - a whole new language. And that is just time that I do not have. But on the other hand, will it save me time to actually develop applications over something like PHP?

Oh I just don't know. Do I take the plunge and spend the next few weeks learning Ruby, or do I block it out of my mind for ever and stick with good PHP and Cake???