Long time no speak...

Yes I know I have been quiet, but I've been busy... very busy! The fruits of my labours should be revealed shortly.

This post is to just a quick note to say goodbye. No not goodbye to all of you, my readers, but goodbye to PHP, the long time king of the web. I've used PHP for 7 years now and loved almost every part of that time. Its such an easy language to learn and use, and there is never a problem that cannot be resolved by referring to the PHP site and its excellent documentation.

However! Ruby on Rails is just so damn cool!!

I started playing around with Ruby on Rails late last year and was immediately impressed. But its severe lack of documentation turned me away from exploring and using it further. So I went back to PHP.

Hey, but it's not all doom and gloom. Because of my discovery of Rails, I started looking around for an equivalent framework for PHP. I found them all and tried them all, but two stood out above the rest; Symfony and CakePHP. Both are excellent at what they do, but Cake just took the biscuit :)

So I started refactoring Switchboard in Cake, but then that magnetic field that gathers around Rails grew bigger, and pulled me back in. And so I learned a little more with help from the many Rails and Ruby blogs out there.

But again, the lack of good documentation for Rails dropped me back to PHP.

And rinse and repeat

This pattern continued and continued, (I really gotta do something about my indecisiveness) until I actually produced something that worked in Rails. The time was right and it felt good, so off we went, hand in hand into the sunset. Just me, Ruby and Rails.

So this post is to officially say goodbye to PHP and officially welcome Ruby and Rails into my bosom!

I'm converted! Hallelujiah!

If you know whats good for you, you will too.