(have I spelt that right?)

Man I am just so damn indecisive! Don't get me wrong, I love Ruby and Rails. I love its expressiveness and its beauty. I love its power. But for every productive day I have with it, there are another 2-3 that basically involves me banging my head against my shiny new Macbook. The learning curve seems to be too high.

Back in the day when I developed HomepageTools in Perl, making the switch to PHP was easy as pie. I think maybe that was because Perl had so many things wrong with it, but if Ruby is such a better language, why is it taking me longer to develop in?

HELP ME!!! What do I do?

Shall I go back to PHP; a language that I have already mastered?


Shall I stick with Ruby on Rails and contend with the learning curve and the time it takes to learn?

What do you think?