It cost over $1.4 million to develop CakePHP

In todays announcement on the release of CakePHP RC1, Gwoo mentioned the use of Ohlo and in particular, their Journalling feature. I hadn't heard of Ohlo before, so I took a look. Seems a great idea, and touches along the lines of Github (but nowhere near as well). It's basically somewhat of a social networking site for open source projects, and taps into each projects source control system to display changesets and activity. You can rate developers and users, and discover other projects of a similar nature, or with similar tags.

Anyway, I tried registering, but got an error when trying to login, and I have yet to receive my validation email. I was about to give up when I found this curious little box near the bottom of the CakePHP project page:

So according to Ohlo, if you wanted to recreate CakePHP in its entirity and copy everything it has, it woul take one person 24 years to complete, and cost nearly $1.4 million!

Now, I'm not taking away from the huge amount of work that has gone into the core by umpteen members of the community, but doesn't that sound a little bit off to you? It seems they use some sort of mathematical calculation based on lines of code etc. But to be honest I really felt that that made a mockery of both Ohlo as a viable service, and CakePHP as a very successful open source project.

Anyway, I just really felt the need to let you all know about that one. I thought it was funny.