So what the hell is Codaset?

Ever since I began working for ShermansTravel, and in particular, since I became more involved with CakePHP and open source software, I've spent a LOT of time using Trac and Github. Trac is somewhat of a defacto standard for managing software projects, and is what we use at work. Github is what I use for my personal and open source projects; and is also what I wish I could use at work. Both are great at what they do, but in most cases, each does something better than the other.

Trac has a kickass issue tracking system, which is very customisable, and integrates very neatly with Subversion. Unfortunately it's not especially user friendly, and doesn't support Git. (there is a git plugin, but it's alpha code). It's also self hosted and written in Python, which means it's not the easiest to get up and running.

Github is so hot right now! And for good reason too. It's built entirely around the excellent Git, and implements it's features all around the ideal's of Git. But that's about all it does. Only up until recently has it been given an issue tracking system, and to be honest... that sucks!

So basically, both Trac and Github have their strengths and their weaknesses. But each is missing a part or parts of the other.

So that is why I am creating Codaset. Codaset aims to be all that Trac and Github are good at, in one nice, neat package. It will be based on Git, allowing it to offer great social features, but it will also have a kickass issue tracking

system that will integrate perfectly with your source control.

But I don't intend to make this a Github/Trac clone. It's gonna be sooo much more... eventually! Things that you cannot find on any other web based software project management system.

So this was just a little teaser, and an invite for you all to join in the private beta, which I hope to start soon. Take a look over at, and signup now. I'll be posting more about what to expect as and when I can. In the meantime, here's a quick screen shot to wet your appetite.

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