Codaset is alive!

Yes I know it's been quite around here, and yes I know I've only written five of the 10 reasons why Ruby is better than PHP, but I've been really, really busy! And now I have something to show for my busy-ness. Codaset went live about 30 minutes ago, and is now up at You can only get an account if you apply for the beta, but you can still do loads more on the site without one.

Here's a reprint of the official blog post from the new Codaset Blog...

Phew!! I did it! Codaset beta just went live about 10 minutes ago, and if you are reading this, then you are already using the beta.

What started as a genuine need and a desire to create a software development management platform that is actually useful, has turned into what you see right here. Codaset is and will be a tool that I use personally, simply because I am always having to use several different tools or services, to achieve what I need and want. Tools and services such as Github, Trac and Campfire all have pride of place in my browsers bookmarks. They are excellent at what they do, but of course they only do certain things. I want a tool that will gather everything that is good about these three services (and others), and present them to me in an easy, but very useful way.

Right now, Codaset is beta software, which means nothing is complete, and there maybe (and probably will be) bugs. So any bugs you do find should be reported to me as soon as you see them. And what better place to do that, than Codaset itself! Create a ticket for any bugs you find, and any features, or enhancements that you think would rock yours - or anyone elses - world.

There are still so many, many more things that will be added during the beta, and I will be blogging about them all right here. You can also keep up to date with Codaset via Twitter.

Even though this is a beta, parts of the site are open to non beta and anonymous users. But you can only create an account, create and fork projects if you have applied for the beta, and have since been approved. So all of you who applied to the beta prior to us going live today, will be receiving an email within the next few days. This will contain instructions on how you can get your account created, and your first project started on Codaset.

Everyone else can still get a beta account, by applying from the homepage at, and I will try my best to get you an account.

Beta testers will receive full and unrestricted access to the entire site during the beta. Once the beta ends (don't ask, as I have no idea when that might be) you will continue to receive access to those same features at no cost. However, I cannot guarantee that any new features introduced after the beta ends, will be provided to you at no cost. Hey, but I will definately try.

That's all I wanna say for now, because I'm completely knackered. So I'm off to play a little xbox. Oh yeah, and I suppose it might be a good idea to eat ;)

Thank you to all of you, and please play with it all! Enjoy!