A sexy, ajax based jQuery dialog window, with a one track mind.

So I had a need when developing the beginnings of Codaset, for a nice looking javascript modal/dialog window implementation. I wanted to be able to easily and quickly open up any link in a great looking dialog. I had no shortage of options, as there are tons and tons of jQuery lightbox scripts, or thickbox inspired plugins. But they all seem to want to be the best at absolutely everything.

All I wanted was a simple way to open up a link via ajax into a nice looking dialog window. I didn't need to show a slideshow or open up the contents of a div. And I really couldn't find one that did just that and did it well.

So like all good developers, I created one myself!

It's been in use on Codaset since the private beta launched a month ago, and is running nicely. So I thought it was about time I open sourced it and released it to the unsuspecting public. So if you want a sexy, ajax based jQuery dialog window, that is extremely easy to use, does exactly what it says on the tin, then please checkout the project now on Codaset, and feel free to clone and/or fork the source.