13 excellent CakePHP tutorials

 13 excellent CakePHP tutorials

CakePHP is a rapid development framework written in PHP that uses the Model, View, Controller (MVC) software design pattern. Some people says, that CakePHP is leak on documentation. Here list of excellent CakePHP tutorials , that can help you for learning CakePHP , included installation , authentication and some advanced tutorials.

CakePHP installation

Getting Started With CakePHP

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This guide will attempt to point you in the right direction so you can get started with CakePHP and eventually develop your own applications using it.

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Installing CakePHP

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Over the past few months I have been getting to grips with CakePHP, a rapid development framework written in PHP that uses the Model, View, Controller (MVC) software design pattern. If you are a PHP programmer then give this framework a try because quite frankly it’s the bee’s knees.

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Installing CakePHP with MAMP

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Any way to the topic at hand I found that helping set up CakePHP on a Mac with MAMP was a bit different and thought I would post here for others to use and for myself to reference if I need to do it again.

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CakePHP Bake

CakePHP Bake – Baking Models, Controllers and Views the CakePHP 1.2 Way

Picture 5 300x170 13 excellent CakePHP tutorialsOne of the things that sold me on CakePHP is the bake routine. This is basically code generation for the lazy types like myself. It was good in CakePHP version 1.1, now it’s just awesome. The only way they can make it better is to implement a web version, but that’s another story.

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How to Bake a New Project in CakePhp

Picture 6 300x168 13 excellent CakePHP tutorialsI use bake to start any project of mine and therefore doesn’t mean that using it produces a complete app unless you only want a CRUD application.

This tutorial is intended for beginners in cakephp. It is still recommended that you look at the blog tutorial in cakephp manual because it has a more complete introduction for the framework.

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Best practices tutorial

Building a blog with CakePHP – Part 1: Getting started

Picture 7 300x162 13 excellent CakePHP tutorialsThis tutorial will give you a good start in the world of CakePHP, just to learn the basics of the framework. The official CakePHP Blog tutorial (For Cake 1.1) gives you a good idea, but this tutorial will take it a couple of steps further (and in the next parts way beyond the official tutorial).

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Creating a community in five minutes with CakePHP

Picture 8 300x198 13 excellent CakePHP tutorialsHere, we build a complete community based website in five minutes using Cake best practices, with the following features:

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Admin section, authentication

Creating an Admin Section with CakePHP Updated
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My previous post on this topic is the most viewed article on the website so I thought I would re-visit it and do it all again using the latest version of Cake which at the time of writing is

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Getting Started with ACL in CakePHP

Picture 10 300x186 13 excellent CakePHP tutorialsThe ACL component of CakePHP can be a daunting undertaking for those new to CakePHP or ACLs. Once you take the plunge though you’ll never look back. The flexibility and power of the ACL component are worthy of your site, I promise. In order to help some fellow bakers into the water I wanted to offer some advice.

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More advanced tutorial

Integrating Facebook Connect with CakePHP’s Auth component
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I wanted to be able to leverage all of the advantages of using Cake’s built in Auth component in my latest application; problem was that the application needed to allow for both normal user accounts and Facebook Connect generated user accounts. I struggled for a while to find the most seamless approach, and then it clicked — dynamically set Auth->fields.

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Adding a Google Map to your App

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For anyone looking to easily pop a Google Map into their CakePHP App, you’ve found the right spot.Though the Google Map craze has passed, I have decided to write a tutorial to implement a Google Map because in my opinion, I don’t feel there has been a clean, flexible method of creating a map. Also, since this is CakePHP, we like to do things properly.

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Another useful tutorials

CakePHP Filter Component
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For a recent project I’ve been working on the index pages required the data to be both sortable and filterable. Luckily CakePHP comes with the Pagination class which covers the directional sorting of data and I went looking online for something that will filter the data.

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Some ideas to organize your CSS files and autoload them in CakePHP
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In this article, I will show some ideas in how to organize your CSS files and how to autoload them in your CakePHP project. Some of them are elegant , and others are not so elegant as they could be …

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