forms in CakePHP


   echo $form->create('Form',array('action'=>'submit'));?>


      echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('type'=>'text','style' => 'width:' . $r['Attribute']['size'] . 'px'));
         else if($r['Attribute']['type']=='Textarea')
           echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('type'=>'textarea','style' => 'height:' . $r['Attribute']['size'] . 'px'));


<?php echo $form->end('submit');?>

I am having form created as above with the fields by $r['Attribute']['label']

 This for is viewed by the form_id.

What i need is with this form_id and with the fields by $r['Attribute']['label'],
if i enter in those fields i want to save the value correspondingly in my table Result.value.

My results table has id,form_id,attribute_id,label,value

Please suggest me...