SEO your urls with cakePHP

Anyone who has a website knows how important organic traffic is. You can get a larger share of this traffic if your website is search engine optimized. One way to SEO your site is to make relevant information part of your urls.

If you are using CakePHP for your web development you may find this view helper useful.
Since CakePHP 1.2 does not care beyond your needed function variables you can just add this onto all your urls.

class SeourlHelper extends Helper {
 * SEO url a text string passed
 * This function will perform some Search engine Optimization on a strign passed
 * @param text string that we need to make a url out of
 * @return the SEOd url
	function get_url($url) {
		$badchars = array('/','&','(',')',"'",'"','!','?','.','@','%','*','<','>','|','$',',');
		$url = str_replace($badchars,'',$url);
		$url = str_replace(" ","_",$url);
		return $url;