Five useful CakePHP functions I just dicovered

I don't have to explain why CakePHP is such a brilliant PHP framework, it simply is. The good part with frameworks is that they include a rich reusable API library full of functions that will make life easier for most programmers. CakePHP is such a framework with an enormous rich library. I only know half of the functions but every day I discover some new great functions which some of them I want to share.1. Httpsocket After I wrote an article about how we built Twittermail in 48 hours, Matt from wrote a blogpost about Httpsocket. I was constantly using the curl library from PHP, I just did not know CakePHP had it's own 'grabber' included. It's called Httpsocket, it's a core Utility library and it's quite interesting what the possibilities are. I truly love curl because they have many functions like handling cookies, auto follow header locations and other very handy stuff. But for quick calls it's just as easy to use the CakePHP Httpsocket. Here's an example:To simply get my LastFM timeline, I only need: App::import('Core', 'HttpSocket'); $HttpSocket = new HttpSocket();$lastFMxml=