Sexy Ubuntu

I’ve finally reskinned Ubuntu using a GTK theme from The skin is called Shiki-Colors and it’s a mix of the dark and light themes. I’ve also installed the Gnome-Colors Icons to spice up the look. Installing the theme was pretty easy, but it wasn’t without problems. After applying the new theme, I noticed borders on every division within a window, but after apply the following comment, the theme is working correctly.

This is not a theme problem, it’s a user/root permissions problem. It will happen to any theme/icons you download from the internet and install through the appearance preferences.

To fix this, there are two solutions:
-When installing a theme/icon set, install to usr/share/themes or usr/share/icons as root user, respectively.

- Or for an easier solution, run the following commands in a terminal:
sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root
sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root

And now for some screenshots of this sexy theme.