CakePHP FAQ and Best Practices

So, a few months ago I added to pages to this website. One for a CakePHP FAQ and another to write something about CakePHP Best Practices, or what works best for me. I would like to have other people leave their answers or ideas too, so I am looking for an option to have those pages edited by everyone, like a Wiki. I have not found such an option in Wordpress, and was looking for a plugin, but I do not have found any. So, can anybody point me to a plugin or idea how to solve this? Or, do I have to write something like that for myself?Also, I thought about SEO lately, which I am also interested in. Is CakePHP SEO friendly by itself? I think it is as much SEO friendly as the programmer writing the application, but maybe we could create some functionality as a helper or something to ehm help...On the other hand, I'm thinking about writing an online application which helps you to automate some SEO tasks. Some kind of SEO quick scan for a given website. Maybe I'll work this out. Keep you informed. For now I'm going to start the weekend. I'll be back.