CakePHP: 500 Internal Error

I decided it’s the time I build my own application on cakephp. So I downloaded the latest release from And uploaded them on my server in mosso.
I got a 500 Internal Error.
Looking up the web again. from various help, experiences and FAQs in blogs and other sites I found two articles:

In mosso (cloud sites), according to their knowledgeBase, due to their unique hosting environment, they require a slight addition to the code used for mod_rewrite. That is, an additional  line of code is necessary to make it work.
The RewriteBase should be specified for the root directory – / or to the subdirectory of the application. This is written after stating RewriteEngine on as follows:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /

This should be specified in the .htaccess located at the web/content directory.

It is indeed quite frustrating encountering a problem you do not know the cause (since the page just tells you to contact the root-administrator of your site). Especially when you have already developed a whole cakephp application that is already working on your localhost and later finds out that an error  of this kind is thrown out upon uploading the entire cakeApp to your server.
It’s good thing that a lot of people are sharing their experiences in their blogs or forums so that people who might have experience this kind of problem has a reference.