Ajouter des Exceptions dans CakePHP 2.x

La documentation officielle étant pour l’instant assez obscure sur le sujet, voici comment ajouter simplement ses propres Exceptions dans CakePHP version 2.x Imaginons un back office avec des méthodes génériques (admin_add(), admin_index(), etc.) dans l’AppController. L’une d’elle permet d’inverser la valeur d’un champ booléen de la base. Attention, il ne s’agit pas vraiment d’un booléen [...]

Load Testing Mysql with mysqlslap

I have a few thoughts for some testing/comparison of mysql tables that I have been curious about.  Before starting though, I thought it was prudent that I should give it some thought about the approach.  The first thing that came to mind was altering the A Simple But Effective Speed Comparison code to execute a bunch of SQL queries against my local installation.

[OS][Book][Mac][C]2回目のC言語で『12ステップで作る組込みOS自作入門 』の通りに組込みOSを作ってみた

出版社 : カットシステム (2010/05) 発行日 : 2010/05

前回の初めてのC言語で『30日でできる!OS自作入門』の通りに初めてのOSを作ってみた - 三等兵は汎用OSでしたが今度は組込みOSです。参考書は『12ステップで作る組込みOS自作入門 』です。こいつぁすげえや。丁寧に仕上げられた良書でした。
本書ではWindowsだけではなくLinuxでも開発できるよう解説されているのでどんな環境でも問題ありません。Linux入れるのがめんどくさかった私は例によってMac OS Xでやりましたが大きな問題はなかったです。よってほぼ誰でも環境を用意することができる、と言いたいところですが。

Novo blog

Na verdade é um novo (velho) blog. De uns dias pra cá percebi que estão
acontecendo coisas legais na minha vida, eu estou tendo algumas idéias maneiras,
mas nada está sendo registrado. Então resolvi voltar com meu blog.


ママチャリのフロントブレーキも交換する。 右のデュアルピボットブレーキが新しいやつ。ケーブルはグリスアップし直してそのまま使う。 リヤブレーキはインナーワイヤーがほつれて、ケーブルの動きが渋くなっていた。 交換用のパーツを近所で探したが良さ気なものが見当たらなかったので、通販で頼む。 リヤブレーキの調整ができるまでは試走はお預け。

Update: It Actually Should Be LEPP Not LEMP or LAMP!

In several recent posts: It’s LEMP not LAMP! and Amazon EC2 Shoutout! I've discussed how I switched from a shared hosting account with GoDaddy to a dedicated Micro instance with Amazon.  At the same time I decided to go out and try nginx (pronounced Engine-X) and remove Apache from the equation.

This saw some incredible results.  However, several times since switching I've run into several database issues where it appears Mysql runs out of memory!  Performing a top command shows over 15 mysql processes running at anyone giving time each taking up to 10% of the memory.  On a micro instance I only get 600mb, so this adds up quickly!

Jobs: Centrum Cyfrowe

Our client, Centrum Cyfrowe, a Warsaw-based NGO, is looking for a Python developer (though experience with Ruby is a plus) to help them work on, among others, a crowdsourcing project OtwarteZabytki.pl that we built for them.

More information can be found on their Facebook page and in the official press info.

A Short Rant About Coding Conventions

Yesterday's article actually got me a little amped up about coding conventions – Comparing a while loop against a foreach loop of an array – because I never thought I would actually have to do a comparison between a while loop and a foreach loop on an array!  If we go back and revisit the post, I was reviewing a recent CakePHP commit for an optimization on the Hash class.  The code in question is three separate blocks of code that leverage the array_shift function to get the next value in the array with a foreach loop instead.

Comparing a while loop against a foreach loop of an array

Are you confused by the title?  I was when I first got the idea to even write this blog as well.  I was recently perusing the CakePHP change logs and came across an interesting commit – Optimization for Hash Method.

The optimization is quite simple, this code:

while (($key = array_shift($parts)) !== null)

Is replaced with the following code:

foreach ($parts as $key)

PhoneGap and Jquery Mobile – A Truly Winning Combination

Any regular readers may have noticed that I finally got around to updating and adding a new book under "My Books" on the right-hand side of the screen.  Yes, I not-so recently published my third book (and second with O'Reilly) earlier this year.

Are you having CakePHP and NGINX Rewrite Rule Issues?

In a recent blog post – It's LEMP Not LAMP – I discussed about making the switch to using NGINX (pronounced Engine-X).  I had little-to-no issues getting by basic Wordpress blogs up and running.  However, for some reason I couldn't get my older CakePHP sites up and working.

Read/Write An XML File Using CakePHP 1.3

Here’s a snippet that is sure to be quite useful for PHP programmers and web developers who often work with XML files. It’s a code to read/write an XML file by using CakePHP. Some of you might find a few lines a bit familiar, which is because parts of it are borrowed from the concept of parsing XML.


元のサーボブレーキのワンがなかなか外れず往生したが、なんとか交換ができた。調整はまた後日にする。 動きが渋いので、ワイヤーも変えたほうが良さそう。

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What I Learned This Summer

Well – it's Friday and all of the kids are back in school.  While this post is being published, I'm probably stuck in traffic!  I can't believe it's a new school year already, luckily my kids aren't old enough so it's just traffic that I need to get used to.

This has been a great summer so far and I thought it would be a good idea to summarize the variety of things I've learned about – but have not necessarily blogged about…

New Themes: Gridspace and Ascetica

Happy Themeday, all! Today we have two brand-spankin’-new themes for your visual enjoyment.

First up is Gridspace, a classic, elegant premium theme by Graph Paper Press.
Gridspace lets you show your work in style. Designed as a portfolio for photographers, its slick features include light and dark color schemes, multiple thumbnail sizes, a responsive design, and a convenient space for your logo. Your readers can easily switch between two blog layouts on the fly – grid view and list view – while large featured images and an elegant overall design make your work the focus.

It's LEMP not LAMP!

I'm sure many of you have heard the term LAMP before – standing for Linux Apache Mysql and PHP.  This is a very typical setup for many open source websites.  It's been around for ages.  But make way for LEMP.  In a recent report by w3techs, a new HTTP server is climbing its way up the ranks called nginx, but it is pronounced Engine-X; hence, the term LEMP – standing for Linux Engine-X (nginx) Mysql and PHP.

Configuration in CakePHP 3.0

Early work has started for CakePHP 3.0, and I’ve started re-visiting how CakePHP handles configuration and bootstrapping. I want to focus on configuration for this post, as bootstrapping, while related is worthy of its own post. The goal of this post is to provide some context on the planned changes, and to get feedback on those changes. My hope is that by getting feedback early on we can avoid problems & surprises later on.

Amazon EC2 Shoutout!

I was previously hosting all of my sites with GoDaddy, using one of their unlimited domain hosting services.  While this was pretty inexpensive compared to similar services, I was never truly happy with the load time.  Often taking over 1.2 seconds to load this blog!

At my current job, I had the pleasure of doing of some speed testing with some Amazon EC2 services.  I was certainly impressed with them.  While I was doing some costing for work, I decided to do a bit of costing for myself.  I run several websites, no hits by any means, but enough that I care about the poor performance I was getting at GoDaddy.

Freshly Pressed: Editors’ Picks for August 2012

In August, WordPress.com bloggers hit us with their best: Smart takes on the month’s biggest stories. Thoughtful musings on culture. Photographs and art that bring the world to life.
The following ten picks represent what Freshly Pressed is all about: original content that engages readers, timely posts that contribute to a larger discussion, and personal writing that resonates with others. Enjoy!
Glimpses of Iran
This photo essay documents quiet, unexpected moments of daily life in Iran and captures the delicious details and textures of Yzad and elsewhere. The collection of six photographs illustrates quality over quantity—each image is strong, well-composed, and tells its own story.

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