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Building a WordPress Plugin

We are a team of CakePHP Developers because nearly 95% of our work is CakePHP Development, however WordPress is the other 5% and when we use it, we want it to be just as easy to develop for as CakePHP.
So, let’s talk about customizing a WordPress site, there are three ways of doing it “the right way”. A plugin, a theme or a child theme. Each of these is primarily helpful at changing different aspects of your WordPress site. A plugin works well at customizing and expanding the features of WordPress to meet your particular needs.

CakePHP 2.0 and Twitter Bootstrap

The Twitter Bootstrap css library is a great starting point for putting together nice looking web apps. We’ve found it very useful for building wireframes quickly. Giving clients something they can actually use and click on in a web browser is wonderful. The bootstrap has many different UI elements that can be combined to build great looking views. Naturally, having a view helper in CakePHP to construct many of the reusable elements would be nice.
Twitter Bootstrap Helper
Thats where the Twitter Bootstrap Helper comes in. The helper is a collection of methods that build many of the reusable blocks of markup in the bootstrap.

CakePHP Metadata Plugin

The metadata plugin simplifies the setting of HTML page meta data. Web site meta tags are often the same for every page, but a few could vary between requests. The purpose of the metadata plugin is to eliminate view or layout logic for setting meta tags data. It is also meant to encapsulate the static meta tag content from controller logic, while still allowing for tags to be overwritten conditionally in the controller.
There is a simple way to use this plugin without much maintenance for the duration of the project. After including the plugin, simply include the component.
public $components = array(‘Metadata.Metadata’);

CakePHP JSON API Plugin (Code Release)

Loadsys has released a CakePHP plugin to aid in the creation of JSON APIs. This plug-in contains a few helpful classes for both the API side and a CakePHP JSON API consumer. This post will cover one of the pieces from that plug-in called the Server Response Component.
cd app/plugins
git clone git@github.com:loadsys/JSON-API.git json_api
GitHub Repo URL:  http://github.com/loadsys/JSON-API
In the controller that will serve json (or app_controller if the whole app is serving json) add this to the components array:
public $components = array(‘json_api.ServerResponse’);
This line of code must be in the app/config/routes.php:

Loadsys to Give Away Tech Books Twice a Month

We have decided to start pushing education and different technologies by giving away educational material on every 1st and 15th of the month.  There is no catch, but be sure to read the directions below on how to enter.
Book topics that will be included in the giveaway are:

  • CakePHP
  • Ajax (in particular JQuery)
  • MySQL
  • No-SQL Databases (ie. Mongo, Cassandra, Couch DB)
  • PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • Project Management
  • (Possibly More)

To be included in the drawing for each part of the month, you simply need to post a tweet that mentions Loadsys (@loadsys) and tag it with CakePHP (#cakephp).  It would also be helpful to follow us so you can get notified when we draw the name.  We will only ask for more information privately when we need to ship out the book.

Loadsys to sponsor CakeFest 2010!

Hello fellow bakers!  Our team at Loadsys is proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2010 CakePHP CakeFest conference in our home town of Chicago, IL USA.  We are excited to both attend and contribute to the conference this year.  The last conference our team attended was in Orlando, FL in 2008 when CakePHP was still at a young age.  We cannot wait to see how much the conference and community has grown since that time.
Our team has been using CakePHP for over 3 years and it is our framework of choice for custom web application development.  Some of you may have even used some of our plugins or helpers we have contributed.   As our company grows we are looking for ways to contribute to the community more and therefore plan to release more code over the upcoming year.
In addition to development, our team offers CakePHP consulting for teams or developers, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you need some guidance.

CakePHP Social Networking Plugin

We started working on Socnet plugin that will allow your cake apps to be easily integrated with most social network sites. For now, we coded and released FacebookAuth component, which will allows to specify which actions require facebook authentication and redirects to facebook for authentication.
To add FacebookAuth component to your project, please do the following:
1. Download the plugin code from http://github.com/loadsys/socnet and extract all the code into plugins/socnet.
2. Create an application with Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/developers/createapp.php. Set your Connect URL to /socnet/facebook/connect.

CakePHP Comment Plugin

The goal of every programmer is to write as little code as possible.  It can only be achieved by re-using code that you already wrote.  That is why we all use CakePHP in the first place right?  Fortunately, cake allows us to create plug-ins that we could just drop in into our projects and be done with it.
For quite a few of our projects, especially social applications, we had to add commenting.  In addition, we typically had to allow users to comment on everything (photos, posts, news, articles, etc…). Here is the solution we came up with that worked very well:

Download the Comments Plugin here
1. Create comments table

CakePHP RSS Feed Datasource

We are releasing our RSS datasource to CakePHP developers for CakePHP Development.  We know there are others out there, but what we like about ours is that it supports the following:

  • Built-in Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Content filtering

Download rss_source.php here
Steps to using this datasource:

CakePHP jQuery Ajax Helper (Easy Scriptaculous Replacement)

We created this cakephp ajax helper so we could easily replace Scriptaculous with jQuery without changing the code and still have built-in functionality like pagination working properly.  The helper could still be improved, but we have decided to publicly release it so that CakePHP developers can utilize it for CakePHP Development.

Download It Here
(Updated 7/8/2009 : Fix for loading and indicator options)